Have you tried everything to achieve your health or weight goals and want a
solution that’s easy, fun and guaranteed to work?

Are you feeling “blah” and want to get moving again and stay moving?

Are you ready to infuse your life with joy and create a healthier, happier life in 30 easy days?


30 Days of Transformation

do-anythingLike you, I was there. Several years ago I was drowning, emotionally and physically. My marriage dissolved and I had years of stuff to clean out of the basement. I was heavy in my body, my heart, my finances and my career. That disaster of a basement was a metaphor for my internal chaos. Every time I walked down there, I walked right back up the stairs. It was totally overwhelming. Food seemed like my only comfort and I felt like I could not gain traction. Have you ever felt that way? The thing was, I HAD to clean it out … the house was sold.

What did I do? I developed a method based on research, trial and error, and sheer necessity.

judith_photo"My goal in 30 Days of Transformation was to find peace of mind within the chaos of day-to-day life. I wanted to learn to accept the chaos while maintaining focus, rather than turning into a binge-eating, scotch-swirling, anxiety-ridden couch potato by the end of a hectic day. I knew I needed to make changes but I was overwhelmed, not knowing how or where to begin, and lacked motivation to take action. Working with Melissa was fun and rewarding; she brought so many things into perspective and provided the tools that helped me address my underlying issues and how to take better care of myself. Finding the peace resulted in losing weight, gaining energy, feeling stronger, being braver, and having more fun. It’s been a life-changing experience. Thank you so much!


What Is In 30 Days of Transformation?

key-photoIn 30 Days of Transformation I give you the key to gaining traction, overcoming resistance and making change happen with ease. This results-based program is designed to help you blast through the obstacles holding you back. The secret sauce? The perfect blend of action-based coaching paired with psychology will propel you beyond what you “should” do and what you “know.” Good-bye resistance, good-bye stagnation. Get ready for blast off!

So what do you want to achieve 30 days from now? To shed that unwanted weight gain and/or learn how to eat nutritionally for your body? To take better care of yourself? To inject some joy into your relationships? An uncluttered living space? To paint your first watercolor? 30 Days of Transformation will get you there. Why? Because it is based on YOUR goals and YOUR needs and not anyone else's.


What kind of results can I expect?

First and foremost, 30 Days of Transformation will change your life. This might sound dramatic but former participants have: written books, lost stubborn weight that had been impossible to lose, improved their relationships, found clarity in their life mission, found joy for the first time in many years, started a fitness program and stuck with it, created a meditation practice and many have changed their relationship with food for the rest of their lives.

Sounds great! How much time will it take?

In as little as 5 minutes a day you will be able to complete your daily action items. Easy, easy, easy!

If it takes so little time, why does it work?

Each day builds on the day before. But, perhaps most importantly the perfect match of action and psychology ensures that you will succeed from one day to the next.

What do you get?

  • A daily action plan delivered each and every morning for 30 days.
  • One 45-minute group coaching call limited to only 15 participants.
  • Accountability is King (or Queen) — You will be matched with an accountability partner. In as little as 10 minutes a week you will stay on track and achieve your goals. Research shows that accountability helps break through stubborn ingrained obstacles!
  • Access to the 30 Days of Transformation Private Online Community — One of the coveted features of our programs is the highly interactive Facebook community where members unite between sessions to share wins, experiences and to find solutions to challenges. Research shows that a supportive community promotes faster results.
  • Online accessibility to me! — Yes, me. I will not pawn you off to one of my assistants or someone acting as me. You get me — as a participant in the Online Community and available by email on a daily basis. You need support, I’ve got you!
  • One 30-minute individual private coaching session.


Forget New Year’s Resolutions that never work. Get what you want for 2016.

Program begins Sunday, February, 7, 2016.


megan-photo"I've worked several months with Melissa and it was an amazing experience. During our time together I've learned a lot about food, health and the psychology behind my food habits and behavior. As a result I've created a more healthy, calm, productive, organized and happier life. Through 30 Days of Transformation program I also had the chance to meet like-minded and truly lovely people from all over the world. Highly recommended!"


suzzette-photo"Melissa is the consummate professional and knows how to get results. I worked with her in a 30 Day program that got me back on track with diet, exercise, work goals, and clearing out the clutter in my life- both literal and metaphoric. Her techniques are simple to follow and are effective. She also happens to be very compassionate and a lot of fun. If you are ready to make a change, call on Melissa."


shannon-photo“The 30 Days of Transformation program was organized, easy to follow and addressed a lot of the underlying issues when I was looking to get healthy and lose weight. I learned that it isn’t always about motivation but the mindset behind the emotions that can hold a person back. Melissa and her program are excellent reference points for many facets of a person’s life. I highly recommend 30 Days of Transformation!”




I’m  so confident you will love this program that I’m offering it 100% risk-free! If you don’t see results, I will refund your money. All I ask is that you do each day’s action prompt. After all, action creates results.


melissa-photoMelissa Rapoport is a Health Counselor and Food Relationship Expert. She works with people around the world who want to fit into their jeans, break the chains of emotional eating, say “No” to yo-yo dieting, and say “Yes” to food freedom, more energy, and increased happiness. She is an international bestselling author of Cultivating Joy and Wisdom of MidLife Women.

What makes Melissa different? She combines her graduate work in Developmental Psychology with her education in health and coaching to create programs that result in lifetime change.

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